On-page SEO is one of the vital processes to rank better on the internet. It is not only better for your business in being found in the different search engines but also helps you with web promotion. To be successful on the web your website needs optimisation for both the user and the search engine. One of the very first steps is on page SEO seo-arrow When a search engine marketing company helps you with setting up your website the very first step is on page SEO. The reason for this is when you do a search engine submission it helps with website promotion and when you implement optimisation techniques on your website, you can rank well with both the visitor and the search engine. This you do with improving your website and includes configuration settings that you need to apply on your website. There are certain fundamental techniques that are important when doing on-page SEO to make your business stand out from the rest when placed in a free search engine submission. They are as follows:
  • Make sure your content is original and published on your website first when doing a free search engine submission,
  • Do a thorough research when writing content and make sure it has enough descriptive text,
  • Your page titles need to be unique for each page you have created,
  • Use descriptions that will make users click through to your website when making a site submission,
  • All your content text should be properly formatted by using all the required headings and subheadings,
  • Make sure that the images and videos used are tag defined with descriptions,
  • When creating your URL structure make sure that the permanent links are separated and that the pages are all grouped into categories,
  • You need to have an HTML User Sitemap in place,
  • Before doing a directory submission you need to make sure that the pages have internal links,
  • And most importantly, make sure that the speed and authorship are in place
If you are now completely baffled with all this information and not sure what you need to do you can find a local Sydney SEO expert to help you with your businesses SEO needs. Final Word seo-final-thoughts If you are new to the world of SEO or you do not have time to deal with on page SEO, you can always leave it in the capable hands of a Brisbane Web marketing expert.