Over the years, the term black hat used to be associated with bad guys distinguishing them from the rest of the good guys. Recently the term black hat SEO is used to describe virus creators, computer hackers, and people who perform unethical actions with their computers. This word term is a set of practices to help increase your websites page ranking in the search engine. If you use a reliable Online Marketing Company this is a term that you will never hear! How does Black Hat SEO harm your website? black-hat-seo-2 Honest and trustworthy SEO advises that it is critical for you to remember that using black hat SEO strategies can get your site banned from different search engines. This includes excluding you from a number of traffic referral sources available on the internet. The term black hat is a disapproved practice that could increase your page ranking on SERP. However, these methods are against any search engines stipulation of the services they present you. The great concern is that even affiliate sites will ban you. Both Bing and Google have openly denounced black hat SEO practitioners in their webmaster guidelines. One question needs asking when you have website – does your website add value to the users or do you only want SEO ranking the likeliness is that you are a black hat. Techniques considered being Black Hat SEO black-hat-seo-technique If you decide to use a SEM SEO to take care of your search engine optimisation plan you will instantaneously know if they are making use of these techniques:
  • They present you with content automation – this is done by using scripts or tools,
  • They make use of doorway pages,
  • They utilise hidden links or text,
  • They do keyword stuffing,
  • They report one of your competitors,
  • Make use of sneaky redirects,
  • They link schemes or do cloaking,
  • They buy links or do article spinning, and
  • They create duplicate content or make pages with malicious behaviours like phishing, malware, Trojans, and even viruses.
If you have found that someone has been hacking or have done negative SEO campaigning you can file a complaint by making a web spam report through Google’s Webmaster Tools. Always be careful if someone does present you with cheap SEO tactics guaranteeing you that your site will be on the first page in less than a week. This could be too good to be true and may cost you, as your website will be de-indexed from search engines. If you are planning to build a long-lasting business, rather go back to the drawing board, use a SEO agency such as Algorithm SEO Brisbane that has a proven record, and have an SEO strategy in place.