Every SEO company, designer knows that web design thrives on replication and innovation. Regrettably, there is normally more replication than innovation. What many people like to do is look at the latest web design trends, use them until they become ever-present, then desperately start looking for the next big one to make its appearance. Years ago, the slider themes were all the rage and today they are outdated. What should you do – stop chasing the micro trends and start looking at the bigger picture right in front of you. Here are some of the web design trends that are here to stay and definitely not going anywhere soon.
  • Reproduction Acumen
When starting up your web page the context plays and important part. When and how interaction takes place on your site is more important than ever. Are you designing for the desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices? It is for indoor or maybe outdoors. What is your audience presently doing are they interacting with your service or product in different locations. Web designers need to make the services or products, responsive and as helpful as possible. Obviously, they cannot always read the user’s context at all times, but the refined and developing simulated intellectual engines can. Look at:
  • The Grid,
  • Facebook Mobile,
  • Smart reply for Gmail
There are many simulated intellectual engines starting to computerise the web and the outcome – there is a greater dependence on artificial intelligence in interpreting and analysing user’s context to coordinate the best solutions and offers. Technology is developing fast when you look at all the latest virtual assistants making its way into the market. Some of the biggest challenges web designers are working on presently is speech interpretation and instant response to user’s requests. There are different WordPress plug-ins like the “Client Relations Factory.” This plug-in adds animated automated customer-service representatives to your site.
  • Multiplicity
multiplicity Another consistent thing you will also see in web design is how often people use less original practices. There are many WordPress templates with responsive frameworks available online. In addition, each one desires to achieve a personal, portfolio, or corporate look. This leads to uniformity when it comes to web designing and can only last for a while. You will find clients who want their site to match others who have the same type of industry. However, there are those who want one made from fresh and completely different from the rest. This is where your local Search Engine Optimisation Sydney provider can help you make your site stand out from the rest. Start pushing the boundaries and still hold onto the basics to make your website a smooth and user-friendly site. One theme that has taken off with a bang is the theatrical presentation called the Sons of Gallipoli as it has a unique presentation and navigation. In this theme, the video control shows the progress in a translucent overlay as the documentary is playing. You have unique grids on demand, layouts, and CSS3 animation with other interesting design touches. The website is still easy to use and navigate.
  • Affluent Designs
As time progresses on the World Wide Net, you see more hand-drawn art making its way for all to see in web designing. As these are works are hand drawn it creates warmth and soon more websites will associate themselves with this form of art style.
  • Mobile Wearable Design
watch You see more mobile-first designs, making its way as it becomes more popular in the wearable market. HUD display is disappearing. You see a completely new platform with different challenges making its way with all the latest applications needed, but the principles of excellent UI design still matters. All designers will have to come up with new creative ideas to accommodate the mobile wearable market.
  • More Affluent Animation
Now for the good stuff as the point of web designing is to look great. This is where the most affluent animation comes out to play. It makes the web look dynamic and getting better by the day. By using animation, you keep your audience engaged as it tells a story. It makes your site interactive for your client and gives them an experience that makes them want to come back for more. However, do not go overboard as too much animation movement could distract, confuse, or irritate your visitor. Keep it simple and consistent. Make sure your site unfolds revealing important information and guiding your visitor through a storytelling path.  Use your illustrations to a point to indicate required actions. If you are not sure how to achieve this, SEO Service Sydney agencies has a qualified designer to bring in affluent animation to your website making your work easier.