One of the main topics for every small business is search engine optimisation as this helps the firm to rank first on the search pages. Search traffic is free and you do not need to pay for it when compared to PPC, public relations, and display ads. As it is free, you still need an SEO firm to make this happen for you by choosing the correct keywords making your business stand out from the rest.

If you are a company that wants to do things by yourself and not planning to use any of the top SEO companies, found on the World Wide Web – we are here to help you with quick and easy small business SEO tips making your job a little easier.


Important SEO Business Tips


  1. Always be practical

No matter what business you own you need to be practical. For example, if you are a second-hand car dealer and using the term “Used Toyota SUV” to rank on the first page in search engines is zilch. For many other used car dealerships, it has taken years and loads of time to make this happen. This is where an SEO professional can help you with selecting the correct keywords to use and get your company ranked first.

  1. Consider targeting mid-tail terms

If you have started up your own online business, you would have already heard about long tail keywords. This entirely means that you are using words that other firms are not ranking. These keywords include “Best Place to Find Cheap Toyota SUVs.” When using these long tail words you may be lucky if you receive one client per day landing up on your web page. However, if you use keywords such as “Used SUVs in Sydney” it may help you to have more than one prospective client viewing your website.

  1. Call in those favours

As a top SEO consultant, we all know that we have friends online. Use your network to your advantage and have your friends LIKE your page on the different social network platforms and link back to your blogs. This helps to drive organic traffic back to your online business.

  1. Write interesting stuff

As a leading professional SEO service provider, we know that there is much crappy content available on the internet. The majority of articles found on the internet are made for the search bots. As a company, you need to take care, as Bing and Google are coming down hard on firms when writing only for the search engine. Write interesting and creative content that you know people will share with others.

  1. It takes a lot of patients

Once you start working on the SEO channels you need to commit yourself for the long haul as ranking first on the search pages does not happen in a day. It can take up to years sometimes and if you are lucky weeks. The small business SEO market is very competitive and you are going to need loads of patients if you want your business to succeed online.

Author Bio:

Kai Elisha is an entrepreneur and a writer for Algorithm SEO Sydney, a digital marketing company in Sydney that provides online marketing services. She writes articles in different areas such as technology and SEO.