You want your website to show up on the first page in the different search engines available so that potential customers know you exist. By having a better search, engine ranking is critical and boosts visits to your business that in turn leads to higher awareness and sales. However, if you do not have the expertise or time to do this yourself it may make sense to hire an SEO agency that is reliable to get your website in the top search engine rankings. Here are some essential questions you can consider asking a prospective Web SEO. seo-strategy
  1. Can you please present me with a list of your current and past customers?
If you are dealing with a highly regarded SEO Service, they should be open to sharing with you a list of their former and current customers. This list would have all their contact information available for you to reference. By contacting their clients, you will get a better understanding of how the company has done business in the past and present before hiring them.
  1. How will you improve my SEO rankings?
The company you use should freely discuss the methods in detail they use to enhance SEO keywords to make your business stand out when searched. They must present you with their strategies as well as an estimate on how long it will take your website to reach first-page ranking on the different search engines. Their reports should also include an initial technical review of your business website to pick out any problems that may arise. Other important information also should be included in their proposals such as error pages and broken links. In the process, they also need to improve your website URL and internal linking structure. Also, ask them if they provide an off-page SEO strategy, raising awareness of your content on other user’s websites.
  1. Does your website adhere to the search engines webmaster guidelines
The Search Engine Optimisation Sydney Service you use should strictly abide by the webmasters best practices on Google. As there are, many different guidelines that one needs to follow such as creating spam content or adding false hidden text and links.
  1. What guarantee can you present me with
If the company you use says that they can guarantee your website reaching the first page in the number one spot then it is time to start running. This is a red flag as it takes a time to reach the first-page spot and appearing in the search results.
  1. How will we be communicating
Here standards of communication can vary from one Search Engine Optimisation Company with another. Find one what fits your needs when it comes to correspondence. Ask them how they prefer to discuss the matters. In addition, find out how often they will be getting back to you with updates.
  1. What fees are you going to charge me and what are the payment terms
This is the most important question to keep in mind when dealing with a website optimisation company. Ask if they are paid hourly, a fixed rate or by a project. The project-based payment is a common method used and varies wildly – as each project size and complexity is different. In addition, when is the payment due by 30, 60, or 90 days, and will interest be charged for late payments. Conclusion As a leading SEO Consultant Service we have discussed some of the many different questions that you need to consider when choosing an SEO agency. However, the most important of them all is after completion of the project – and you will need to ask them if you will be able to still be in contact with them and be able to maintain ownership of the web content. Always remember that your contract should state that once you part your way they will not remove or change any of the content displayed on your website. Another important question you can ask is if there are fees to be paid with an early contract termination and it needs to be specified.