Over the years, interest has increased dramatically in programmatic advertising. Different SEO Services have decided that it is time to look a bit closer as digital display advertising is eventually going to surpass paid search ads. It has increased to over $22 billion of banner ads, video, sponsorships, and video to name a few. Many marketers became conscious that clients spend more time online and spending less time using the traditional medium such as newspapers, magazines, and television. More users are spending their time watching YouTube streaming instead of watching TV. Newspapers and magazines have migrated online in the form of blogs. As a result, advertisers and brands are investing in online media in introducing, informing, or re-messaging for their ideal customers. Here is how you too can get on the bandwagon with some basic programmatic advertising. What is Programmatic Advertising? what-is-programatic-advertising This advertising system is the automatic placement of advertisements. Programmatic advertising is the form of using display banner ads that target ability and simplicity. These ads are in some characteristics the same as PPC but sold on a CPM (Cost per Mile.) Here you pay for every 1,000 views of your advert. However, using this form of display ads may not present you with the desired results. Why not, because your ad may not show up to the correct set of clients you are aiming to target. This results in advertisers needing to talk to the publishers or owners of a website and requesting them to place your ad on their site. Why do you need to do this? You have identified viewers that target your demographics. This becomes a time-consuming task as you need to ask every website publisher’s permission to purchase media space and not very effective. However, there are solutions as you can connect with an advertising network to help negotiate these advert placements. These networks have servers that store these adverts and deliver them into digital platforms such as mobile apps, social media, and web pages. The leader in this form of network is Google as they control over 2 million publishers across their ad network. On the other hand, these advertising methods still limited and this is where programmatic ads come into play with many benefits compared to the conventional Google Display network. What you need to know about Programmatic Ads
  • Programmatic Media Buy – the easiest way of thinking about these display banner ads is similar to cost per click ads as you select certain important keywords to trigger your advertising,
  • Vital Jargon you should know – one is DSP (Demand Side Platform) it is software used by agencies and advertisers to purchase media placements automatically as it becomes available from publishers. The other jargon word is SSP (Supply Side Platform) this helps a publisher to sell the digital advertising brands and impressions that become available.
  • The DMP – this is the tool known as Data Management Platform to simplify the process of website publishers selling their available inventory and media placement purchases pulling it all together in real time.
You can view it as a warehouse storing collected and bought data, combining the information, making suggestions based on online search behaviour and trade practice such as:
  • Content users have read in the past
  • Websites’ visited by viewers
  • Clients location and device used
  • And demographic information
The Data Management Platform is an important puzzle piece as it connects the advertiser and publisher with real-time bidding known as RTB. This information includes criteria matches and highest bids. This enables advertisers to place their advertisements accurately while targeting sophistically. SEO Consultants in Sydney’s Helpful tips seo-consultant Recommended by different SEO Consultants in Sydney you always need to be transparent when doing searches and make sure that you clearly display your privacy policy and how you plan to use the collected information from your client. Prevent using your ad constantly to users and make sure you enabled frequency cap. This helps to show your ad less often after viewed 5 times in the first week of publish. Build value and brand by using the display and remarketing techniques. Do this by creating helpful messages explaining how to use your product or service. By using remarketing, it helps to highlight your other products and services not clearly stated on your site. Lastly, never retarget clients who have bought a service or exact product by creating a client exclusion list for those customers who visited your thank-you page. We hopes that you have a better understanding of programmatic advertising – if you are still uncertain do not hesitate to give your local Online marketing Sydney provider a call!