When you have an online business, you know how important search engine optimisation is. However, do you know what important role SEO plays in this process? All the major search engines update algorithms on a regular basis to prioritise searches. Therefore, for those who have read or heard that marketing, SEO is dead – you are very wrong. The fact is that it is now more important than ever before. In addition, as a webmaster, you have to know what search, engine optimisation is, and what it means. SEO Marketing Calls Attention to Your Business seo-attention You may be using social networking and splash pages to build your audience, but they all still point back to one key feature your business website. You do need an amazing website but still need to instigate website optimisation for new clients to find you. This SEO optimisation needs to be included in your website design to capture the attention of the different search engines available. In addition, if you are new to the online website business and not sure, what this means – in short, it is a set of rules you must follow when starting a blog or website to improve the search results so that new users can find you. Not only will new people find you, it helps to increase the quality of your website as well, making it more user-friendly, easier to navigate and faster. It acts as a framework with different rules and once can break it up into two main stages:
  • On-site SEO, and
  • Off-site SEO
What is On-site Search Optimisation Both these stages are very important and on-site search optimisation makes sure that your website titles, content, overall structure, tags, and keywords enhanced. There should also be ample inbound links from other highly respected external websites –known as off-site SEO. Most online marketing SEO agencies advice that the best way to increase your firm’s visibility is by making sure that your title pages have a low volume of keywords as this presents you with a competitive advantage when clients search for something. Your content should accurately describe what your service or product is about and is attractive at the same time. In addition, just as important as search engine optimisation is when using keywords the structure of your website must be complete and there should be nothing missing from it. What is Off-site SEO Besides making your website look great and using, the best SEO to rank high in the SERPs, another way is to use off-site search engine optimisation tips. This is known as link building or website promotion. Search engines are always trying to find important pages to show users when doing a search query. The most Search Engine Marketing companies use this technique. The main factor when doing a search is for your web page to appear in the search results as you have used a number of incoming links. These links can affect your ranking either positively or negatively. Here you can link to reliable sites but be aware of paid links, link farms, or article directories as this could have a negative impact on your ranking. What Can You Do to Get More Links links You can do this by giving users quality content with natural links that in turn gives you the best traffic and ranking. Do not go and rush out to buy links as they may just serve their purpose for a short time. Rather write creative articles while doing a guest posting with referral links in them. If you are still struggling and not sure how to optimise your webpage’s – contact a Sydney SEO consultant.