When one looks at SEO Australia there used to be some mystery behind it. Looking at Search Engine Optimisation experts seemed as if they had some wizards’ cloak behind them and knew exactly how to get your website ranking high in the SERPs. Way back not many people could afford these experts full-time to keep your site ranked on the first page. Many businesses had different consultants helping them with their SEO. Now looking at the internet today the optimisation of your site is very different from way back. Looking back SEO was more about the keywords and all the tech jargon that went with it – but these days it is all about creating organic content giving you an excellent user experience and the overall design of your website. About ten years ago, you could find many jobs related to SEO now when searching for jobs you get jobs for Content Writers, Marketing Specialists, Media Directors, Social Media Specialists and more. This shows you how SEO has evolved and become more than just a job title but a skill set. SEO Has Become an Important Skill Set seo-skills-set These days every person you have in your marketing team must have the SEO skill. Why must they have it? They need it in every department when it comes to marketing from web assets, pay-per-click, social media, blog articles, to online display ads. They need to have it for offline marketing when it comes to television, newspapers, the radio, direct mail, email marketing and more. The people that handle these departments must have the SEO knowledge to help optimise WebPages and content they work on. SEO Elements That Influence Marketing Techniques: seo-process
  • The expertise to optimise content and pages to provide a great user experience – with these skills it helps to improve conversion rate for users that visits your site and includes email and your direct traffic,
  • Page Loading Speed – this is vital for the best user experience as a fast loading page boost the conversion rate for all visiting your site, and
  • SEO Consultants in Sydney recommends an Open Graph Categorising – this helps to control what you share on the different social media site and influences the search results.
  • SEO: The Expertise Every Marketer Should Have
Staying Successful If you want to stay successful in the aforementioned strategies, you want to make sure that your entire member working in your marketing department is up to date with the changing Search Engine Optimisation industry. These include your paid media & display experts, your social marketers, email specialists, content writers, and strategists. If you want your complete marketing, team to perform at the highest level when it comes to SEO you can follow some of these ideas:
  • Keep your eye the Google updates and news available at Goole Webmaster Central Blog,
  • Sign up for news updates via email for the latest news from various SEO sites,
  • Make sure to start training your staff bi-weekly or on a monthly basis with SEO training,
  • When it comes to SEO, try to limit the tuition items to suit the network they operate in, such as the landing page experience & conversation rate optimisation, keyword concepts & research practices, optimising images for search ranking, social sharing optimisation, and optimising the PDFs that you upload to your site.
Final Words Make SEO a priority for your whole team, as it is still important for the success of search engines. Teaching them and keeping them up to date with the latest Search Engine Optimisation trends will help to keep your website and your client’s sites ranking high on the SERPs.