As one of the leading SEO companies and local web marketing service provider, dedicated to helping you with your SEO- one-question pops up regularly and that is what the difference between SEO and PPC is. Our answer both plays an important part in your business web page.

We can help you solve your Search Engine Optimisation and help with your Pay-Per-Click – here we discuss each one individually for you to see how effective they both are for your online business.

PPC (Pay-per-Click)


PPC or pay-per-click marketing is another term for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) while others know it as paid search. In this practice, you pay for your advertising on the search engines – the only time that you are paying for your advert is when a visitor clicks through on your ad.

It acts similar to a public sale as you are competing for a position in the SERP’s against your opposition who also advertise. When you use PPC, it is at times, a short-term solution compared to SEO, as here you need to build a community to reach your web page with a natural presence.

By using PPC, it allows your site to reach quicker success making it visible to visitors sooner. While with SEO, it is time-consuming to get a place on the first page of the different search engines. When using PPC ads, they appear above the natural SEO sites within minutes when opening an account.

As a well-known SEO services Sydney provider we know that you need to choose keywords and bid on it, help with corresponding queries related to a search engine, and assist with the actual words that users use when searching for your type of service or product. If you are planning to use our PPC service you need to remember that the search engines have their own quality scores available from 1 – 10 and are based on different factors.

They use this quality score and in turn, multiply it with your bid to present you with an overall ranking.

Why pay for these ads?

  • As many consumers normally click on the first available link when doing a search whether it is organic or advertised your PPC ads displayed above the normal SEO site,
  • As your adds notably displayed it helps to increase click through of prospective clients to exchange either for your service or buy your product,
  • It automatically identifies a new market based on what the audience is searching for,
  • You win new trade or can take it away from your competitor,

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


As one of the many SEO Sydney agencies, we refer to a website found on the first page or ranking high on SERPs as SEO. Many refer to it as organic or natural search results. The only difference is that when a prospective client clicks through to your site you pay nothing.

The hardest part for any business is optimising their site to be found in the SERPs. These links are free, but takes a time to provide the correct optimisation in producing excellent results. We are able to make informed decisions and understand the search engines to help you increase your online business with natural ranking when it’s crawled or surveyed either on-page or off-page.

We help you with the right keywords that are relevant, making sure users find you. Our services include the architecture of your site, the linking structure, user-friendly URLs, title tags, and the loading time. We will help provide you with content that is relevant to your services or product.

Final Word

As you can see there is a difference between SEO and PPC, however, no matter which way you choose and not sure, what you are doing it is best to use a SEO company that can help you with both services.