Have you ever noticed that Google removed their right-side ads? With the removal of these right-side ads many SEO services has had to make changes to their clients search engine optimisation. However, what impact does it have on your organic search results? First, you need to know what they did. They have cut the total of ads you see and results in lesser clicks for you who advertise on their pages.

If you are not one of the top results or paying, it has an impact on your organic traffic when it comes to competitive auctions.

Why did Google Make These Changes


In the past, the ads on Google popped up in 3 places, on top, beneath, and on the right side of the page. Now they have moved it all together and has one ad displayed on the right side of their search page. At times, they raise the number of advertisements appearing on top of the organic search results. These are high commercial queries and indented for those who want to buy something.

The other ads still appear below the search results and stays there not affecting any changes. You will still see the PLAs (Product Listing Ads).

So why did they make these changes? What it does is create an efficient experience when doing a search. With the smaller number choices, this unifies the use of a desktop and mobile. Moreover, the majority of clicks are done in paid clicks.

How does this affect your marketer’s organic results?


It has an effect on your marketer’s organic results as fewer advertisements could raise the organic traffic while a 4th ad placed on top of the results could drive the ad down the page and lowers traffic. This again results in a lower click-through and has a negative result on naturally generated traffic which many SEO services in Sydney has found happening.

This is only one of many other transformations to take over the search page in this year. Introducing Snippet created an even bigger distraction from the normal blue links. You need to be aware of the results displayed for a keyword you want to rank naturally to give your optimally formatted content.

Now more than ever you need to create attention-grabbing content with smart keyword use and if you are not sure how to do this you can always opt in using a SEO Sydney provider.

What can you do about this transformation?

With fewer ads displayed on top of the fold, it is making it harder to keep up the clicks you received. As proffer wars are taking place for those top spots it means higher CPCs. To stay ahead of this transformation, you can do the following:

  • Look at how your advertisements displayed in Google – if you have the live Google Search Campaign app navigate to it and click on Ad Preview with Diagnosis. View the results by language, domain, device, and location.
  • Look at your place in the SERPs for a keyword used – you need a typical place that is higher than 3 on your keyword used if not you can find yourself at the bottom of the search results or land up on the second page.
  • Increase your position on the SERPs with relevant keywords – you can either increase your proffer or improve your value score. If you want to progress up the rank, increase your quality, score and bid.

Do not feel pressured to be number one as too high of an offer and consequential clicks create a smaller amount profit when it comes to ad costs. Use Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or Conversion as a metric and focus on it compared to position. CTRs will help keep your business cost-effective as you bid for the top spot. Conversion always seems to win.

Remember to optimise for the top spot as well as the new Knowledge Graph. For Google cleaning up their search engine they have created many concerns for website users as it could move the organic results down. For those who do have the crown position or a place in the new Knowledge Graph, you have a better chance with the organic click-through.