The benefits that LinkedIn can provide to your business plan being accomplished are no secret, but they may be more under appreciated than you think. Recent research has shown that LinkedIn can be instrumental in driving two of the most important metrics for any brand – traffic and conversions. There’s a reason why LinkedIn can be such a catalyst for growth. It’s a virtual playground of influencers and industry decision makers. That being said, there are definitely best practices to keep top of mind. That’s why today, we’re partnering with Yarra Web, to discuss five tips to maximize your Web traffic, using LinkedIn.

Spend time making your profile visually appealing

It’s no secret that our eyes are drawn to beautifully designed aesthetics. We’re quick, visual thinkers, so make sure that your profile is easy on the eyes. Keep it simple; don’t make your visitors scroll through lots of text to get to the heart of your brand. LinkedIn has even incorporated a levels system, which helps tell you what information to add to your page to ensure that it’s complete.

Maximize your business’ connections

We’re not suggesting that you go crazy and invite everyone that you know. But there is a lot of value in the number of “First Degree” connections that you link with. The more this number increases the more searches your name will appear in. The more searches that your name appears in, the better the buzz about your company and brand. Looking for a good metric to track to? Try to reach 500+ connections.

Update your content on a regular basis

On Facebook, users leverage their statuses to tell stories about their whereabouts, their adventures and activities. The same functionality has been added to LinkedIn, and we recommend that you use it, to keep customers engaged and drive conversation. Pose questions that your visitors can respond to, or share specials on your products. Just make sure that you double check your spelling and grammar before pressing “share”.

Network with groups that make sense

We’re willing to bet that you choose the people that you spend time with, based on common interests. If you’re an avid horseback rider, you’re probably not best friends with someone who is allergic to horses. The same should be true for your networking on LinkedIn. Look at special interest groups which are applicable to your industry, or even create your own. You’ll foster a sense of community, and have a great platform to build credibility for your brand or your career.

Explore the blog app

Blogs are also a great component of a marketing strategy, and should be integrated into your LinkedIn presence. They speak to your storytelling abilities, and even better, send consumers directly to your Website. Update blog content on at least a weekly basis, and then promote the link on your LinkedIn page. Questions? Comments? Give the Media Gurus team a shout. And be sure to check out the Yarra Web page, for more helpful information on taking your brand’s marketing strategy to the next level.    
Patrick O’Doherty is founder and Managing Director at Yarra Web, a digital agency who has proudly been supporting digital and bricks and mortar businesses since 2008. Find out more at Yarra Web.