Ranking on Google top pages improves your business visibility. However, it takes time and efforts to earn these ranking positions. While implementing your long-term SEO strategy, there’s a few ways to diversify your traffic profile as well as bring side SEO benefits.

The key is to appear more often in front of your target audience at the right places. This type of traffic is often known as referrals. They are the visits that came to your site from sources outside of search engines. These sources can be other blogs, social media sites, forums and so on. It also helps with positioning. Once positioned as an expert on the topic, your business is more likely to be mentioned or referenced.

The benefits of referral traffic are:

  • Bring high quality visitors from trusted websites
  • Increase the possibility of converting that visitor into a lead
  • Obtain potential off-page SEO benefits

Publish your website to online directories

Having your business listed on local or niche directories attracts more customers to your website. The key is to find good directories with steady monthly traffic, so you benefit from their marketing efforts and generate quality leads.

How to find good directories?

  1. Perform a Google search to find the top directories in your industry. For example, if you do a quick search for “Plumber Sydney”, you will see the top ranking directories. Oneflare is ranking #5 for people to find the top 10 best plumbers in Sydney.21
  1. Do a quick site search to see what services they provide on the platform.22
  1. Some directories offer packages to enable your business appear in more searches on site. It’s important is to investigate their traffic quality and its value for money, Ask yourself :
  • Does the directory cater to your niche?
  • How is the directory going to help you with getting customers?
  • How likely the visitors will convert?
  • Are the leads of good quality? Most importantly, how good are the directories ranking for SEO? The more popular the directory is, the more traffic it brings to your website.

Getting listed on review websites

Review website is another great source for bringing referral traffic and adding credibility to your business. The visitors have often already gone through the research stages and narrowed down their searches to a few brands or products. When they see that your website is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, it puts you at a stronger position. Keep in mind that the reviews also need to be carefully managed and responded to. Be aware of the “snowball effect” – one bad review can attract more cynicism. This is why you need to find a review website that allows you to manage customer complaints.

How to find good review websites?

  1. Do a quick search for “Plumber reviews”. You’ll see the dominating review websites are Product Review and Word of Mouth.
  2. Then it’s recommended to speak with the representatives and get a good understanding of the procedure for posting a review.
  3. Find out the level of support and ways of managing the review.
  4. After the signup, leverage current relationship and ask customers to write positive reviews for your business23

Engage with niche bloggers

When you’re in an industry that offers more practical values than entertainment, engaging with your customers on social is hard. Take plumbing for example, the subject itself is not the most entertaining. So it’s worth exploring a ‘shoulder niche’ for your content outreach. A shoulder niche is an industry that is closely related to your business. The shoulder niche topics of plumbing can be bathroom renovation and water saving. Both are more sociable topics to write about and spark interests.

The next step is to find dedicated bloggers.They engage with their followers either through blog posts or social media. They often accept expert contribution or sponsored posts. A quick way to find these influencers is through a Google search or reach out to the influencers via social channels. Here’s a quick search method for saving time – {keyword} “write for us” OR “write for me”


Sometimes it can be tricky to know the right place to promote your business. By employing the three strategies above, they go hand in hand with your SEO strategy as well as bring in high quality leads from referrals.


Lucy Xu is an SEO & content specialist at Australia’s fast growing online marketplace Oneflare.