A picture speaks a thousand words which is why it’s not surprising that Instagram is the most popular social media platform available these days. People and businesses all across the globe enjoy social media attention on Instagram and become an internet sensation. If you’re starting your own business or brand and you want people to know about you, it’s time you get popular on Instagram. There are a few handy tips that you can keep in mind to help increase your Instagram followers and ensure that they stay that way. You can also use the unfollowgram to keep a check on who unfollowed you so you can make the right modifications and ensure your fan base increases.

8. Tag Bigger Accounts

If you don’t have a lot of fans on your page, use the right accounts to help get you exposure. Follow relevant businesses or pages and tag them each time you share a post on Instagram. This will help to get people to notice you and increase your fan base.

7. Use Watermarks With Your Instagram Name

While people don’t pay too much attention to what they capture on their smartphones or cameras, there are some pictures that can go viral. It’s important for you to mark them so people know where they came from. This does two things – helps create brand awareness and gets people to come and follow you on Instagram.

6. Share Pleasing Content

This can’t be said enough. The best way to get people to follow you is when you start to share content that gets appreciated. Gross and unappealing images aren’t appreciated and people don’t really like to see images like that. If you want people to continue to follow you, make sure you share images or videos that they enjoy watching or viewing.

5. Share At The Right Time

If you’re involved in a local business in a particular country or state, make sure you share the post according to that time zone. Not a lot of people are going to appreciate a post that was shared at 3 am in the morning and by the time they visit their Instagram page, your post would have gone right to the bottom which means they might not even get to see it. There are some optimal times to share posts. The best way to figure out which time is best is to experiment for a few days and compare the results to see what timeframe worked perfectly.

4. Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are really important and it is essential they are well thought and used. You can see how many posts are shared with a hashtag you’re picking out so take a while and check out the ones you think will work well.

3. Consistent Sharing

It is important for you to share posts on Instagram on a regular basis and in a consistent manner. IF you share posts at different timings then people won’t expect to see your post and they won’t like it. It’s important to get all the attention if you want to increase your followers on Instagram.

2. Use Geotag

Although a lot of people ignore this feature, it’s one of the best ways to promote a business or an artist. This is easy to use and you can simply enter the name of a place or city automatically when you’re sharing from there.

1. Stick To One Theme

If you’re posting about accessories, make sure you stick to them and keep posting about accessories. Don’t drift your focus from one product to another. People start to follow you because they are interested in the stuff you share and when you change it they could lose interest.