3 Best Free SEO Software to Audit Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to generate a huge amount of quality traffic to any website. It is a continuous process which involves a different set of activities that you need to perform consistently to see long-term good results.


Gone are the days when you would simply publish your content, inject keywords in URL, H1 tags, etc., get some backlinks, and you would start ranking on the first page. Nowadays, Google takes account of more than 200 factors to decide whether to return your site in the search results or not.

Some of the prominent factors are:

  • Relevancy of your content.

  • Site loading speed and usability.

  • Domain Authority.

  • Number of quality backlinks.

  • Social signals (not direct influence).

On-page SEO helps us to indicate the relevancy of the topic to search engine crawlers. Therefore, have your content properly optimized so that crawlers can understand the relevancy of your site and its pages. Therefore, you should consider auditing your website regularly to spot some major errors and fix them asap.

In this post, I will introduce you to 3 free SEO software that can help you to audit your website and find on-page SEO errors, warnings, and suggestions. All of them are pretty easy to use, just use them to crawl your website and then analyze the technical SEO aspects of your website. Most importantly, you can also export the audit report and there are tons of other useful features as well.

That being said, let’s get started.

1. Traffic Travis


Traffic Travis is a free SEO auditing software which you can use to check for on-page SEO errors on your site. Best of all, it also provides suggestions against the warning which helps you to optimize each web page in the correct way.

How to perform website auditing using Traffic Travis?

After installing this free SEO software, create a project by specifying your website URL, sitemap URL, main keywords, and other required details. Once you create a project, you will see its dashboard. This free website auditing software automatically starts crawling the specified URL.

Now, to audit your site switch to the My Site section where you will see the list of all your website pages and their attributes – PA, number of backlinks, Page Warnings, etc. The field in which we are interested is Page Warnings. Click on any number in the field to see potential on-page SEO errors and suggestions to rectify them.


Traffic Travis allows you to export My Site report as HTML, PDF, and CSV file but there is no option to export SEO warnings of all website pages at once. However, you can export SEO warnings and suggestions of individual pages.


Limitations of free version:

  • Maximum of 2 Projects

  • 100 Keywords/Project

  • Max 5 Keywords search in Keyword research, Domain research, and SEO competition analysis

Price of premium version: $97 (12 months access).

Additional features of Traffic Travis:

  • Connect your AdWords account.

  • Link Analysis

  • Rank tracker

  • Research

2. Visual SEO Studio:

Visual SEO Studio is another free SEO software to audit your website and find on-page SEO errors and analyze other aspects of technical SEO. Similar to Traffic Travis, this tool can also let you know which pages have duplicate title tags, missing meta descriptions, images without ALT tags, etc.

How you can audit your site using Visual SEO Studio:

The SEO software is pretty easy to use. It comes with an intuitive interface making it easier even for beginners in the SEO field to check the health of their websites. Just install it and create a new project. After that, from the Crawl section on the left panel, choose the option to crawl a site.

A dialog box will pop-up, specify details and advanced crawling settings, and start the Crawl process. The crawling process can take around 3-4 minutes and once it gets over, you can analyze the HTML and URL suggestions, as shown in the screenshot below.


Click on any SEO warning to see all web pages with that particular SEO warning. The free version also lets you export the SEO errors as XLS or CSV file.

Additional features of Visual SEO Studio Community edition:

  • Find broken links.

  • Discover HTTP issues.

  • Inspect robot directives.

  • Generate XML sitemaps.

  • HTML and URL suggestions.

Limitations of free version:

  • 500 crawlable pages.

  • Only 2 max concurrent connections.

  • No access to Readability analysis, hreflang analysis, Links inspector, Data Extraction tools, etc.

  • No technical support.

Price of Visual SEO Studio Professional edition – 149.00 € + taxes (per year).

From the crawl section, choose to crawl your website.

3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

screaming frog

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is also quite a popular SEO software with a free edition. You can use it to crawl your website and audit similar SEO errors as in other tools listed above. The tool can notify you about the duplicate content, broken links, missing H1 tags, and other on-page SEO mistakes affecting your rankings.

Do note that the free version allows you to crawl a maximum of 500 URLs.

How to audit your site using Screaming Frog:

Enter your website URL at the top address bar of its interface and start the crawling process. After it gets over, you will see the SEO data of your website in a tabular format, as shown in the main screenshot. Click on any on-page attribute you want to check and then apply filters to see if there are any errors. If you want, you can also export the SEO audit report at once as XLS, CSV, or XLSX format.

Extra features of Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

  • Find broken links.

  • Find duplicate web pages.

  • Generate XML sitemaps.

  • Bulk generate SEO reports, inlinks, outlinks, etc.

Limitations of free version:

  • You can’t configure crawl settings.

  • No custom source code search.

  • No link metrics integration.

  • No tech support.

Price of pro edition: £149.00 per year


Out of these 3 websites auditing software, Traffic Travis is the one I would recommend you the most. The free version can pretty easily cater the requirements of small website owners. However, feel free to check all of them out before making the final call.

Let me know which one you liked the most and why in the comments section below.

Himanshu Tyagi – Himanshu is a Business Content Writer at Agicent, App Development Company who strives to learn SEO, Digital Marketing, and new growth hacks.

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