There are many different review sites online, but you may be more familiar with Angie’s List and Yelp. Here, clients express their opinions about the services and products they have used. In addition, one of the biggest benefits of reviews is the influence it has to reach new potential customers.

Customer reviews have a great impact on businesses and even has an impact on local internet marketing.

Here a list of SEO benefits and the importance they have for online reviews of your service or product.

  • The Benefit of Unique Content

Search engines love it when users write unique content and publish it on the different review sites or on your own website. Furthermore, if your website is associated with the users’ unique content it helps to rank your pages and in the process increase it.

  • Better Organic Search Results Rankings makes a Huge Difference

If you have users writing reviews in many different places available on the web – your business, site, social media platforms, and the review sites in your niche, these reviews have vital keyword and phrases that relate back to your niche.

Therefore, when a user conducts an organic search, your website is liable to show up. Additionally, Google shows a star rating based upon the number of stars your sites received on the different review sites.

Consequently, the more reviews are written; the more trustworthy and likely it is for your site to appear in the organic search results.

  • The Benefits of a Click-Through

If any client writes a review on the review site and comprise of social media link to your site, it helps to increase the click through rate and can escalate up to as much as %20. This is a big factor for your search engine optimisation ranking, especially if they come from a variety of sources.

How to Obtain Reviews to Make Sure, that Search Engines Find You


Here is how your business can control and benefit from SEO and customer reviews recommended by the leaders in SEO services Sydney:

  • Use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): If you are using other technologies to publish your reviews on your site the search engine is not able to read it,
  • Keep an eye on duplicates: Never copy customer reviews and paste it on your website as it could be marked as duplicate content – Instead, modify the review and only use short quotes or snippets that include the important keywords,
  • Never use fake reviews as it is obvious to both the search engine and user,
  • Do not forget about the negative reviews: Do not remove them and best to respond to them as you may be able to change the reviewer around,
  • Support reviews on niche sites: if you are looking for click through to your website it is best to have them on niche sites – this is where your potential customer looks for reviews on product and services, and
  • Offer incentives: Where possible, encourage your customers to write reviews offering them an incentive from a coupon, freebie, discounts and more.

Use user reviews to your advantage when on your product pages as you can quote from your client reviews and testimonials. User reviews only make up a small percentage of your complete SEO aspect, but makes a huge difference in the end.

Promote reviews on your site and encourage your customers to write them for broadcasting on your site, ask them to share it on social media, niche sites, and always remember to respond to negative ones.